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MiMI Web 3.0

mimi_iconToday the National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics (NCIBI) released a new version of its Michigan Molecular Interactions (MiMI) tool.  This tool is much revised in both look and underlying database merging processes.  A recent publication in Nucleic Acids Research discusses the revised tool. 

The abstract:
Molecular interaction data exists in a number of repositories, each with its own data format, molecule identifier and information coverage. Michigan molecular interactions (MiMI) assists scientists searching through this profusion of molecular interaction data. The original release of MiMI gathered data from well-known protein interaction databases, and deep merged this information while keeping track of provenance. Based on the feedback received from users, MiMI has been completely redesigned. This article describes the resulting MiMI Release 2 (MiMIr2). New functionality includes extension from proteins to genes and to pathways; identification of highlighted sentences in source publications; seamless two-way linkage with Cytoscape; query facilities based on MeSH/GO terms and other concepts; approximate graph matching to find relevant pathways; support for querying in bulk; and a user focus-group driven interface design. MiMI is part of the NIH’s; National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics (NCIBI) and is publicly available at:


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Librarian with a Laptop

Our own Marci Brandenburg is giving the Tools and Technology seminar today.  Just goes to show that good student mentoring and lots of free food produces fine, professional librarians who go to important institutions to do good work and come back to share their talents.  Ah.  I so love being in academia.  Go to to connect live to the seminar today or come over to Palmer Commons and enjoy free bagels and listen to her talk in person.

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NCIBI on YouTube

Wow!  NCIBI can be found on YouTube here.  Currently, there are videos on MiMI.  Check it out!

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Facebook and Pubmed

So, if you’re on Facebook, do you use it only socially?  If NCIBI created an application that linked Facebook with Pubmed say through MiSearch, would you use it?  This is a fundamental question of how Facebook is used.  My personal behavior is that I don’t necessarily like to use my social networking sites to do work, but then again, the only blog I have is this one, and it is work related.  So frankly, some people would ask the question: Do you poop where you sleep?  On the other hand, for some people work is social.  Heaven knows that I went back to work after being a full-time mom because I needed work to get a break from the kids. Huh, it’s a good question…  So the real question is: Do you want to friend an author of a publication in PubMed?  Hmmmm.

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NCBC All Hands Meeting

The National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs) had their All Hands Meeting last week.  You can view their meeting website here.

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NCIBI Jamboree – NLP

The next NCIBI Jamboree will be on August 20th and will cover the topic ofNatural Language Processing and Biological Meaning/inference. The papers that will be discussed have not yet been determined, but I will post them as soon as they are known.

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The sneak peak version of Medpedia is available.  A collaborative effort by leading medical schools, this site will cover medical conditions, diseases and more.  Unlike Wikipedia, Medpedia will only allow selected people to contribute content.

August 5, 2008 at 5:39 pm

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