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Biostatistics and Researchers

My colleague, Marisa, kindly shared this YouTube video with me (Biostatistics vs. Lab Research), and while I’m not the kind of person to readily share frivolous information bits, this video is so funny that I just had to post it here.  The video gets at the heart of what I am sure is a frustrating problem with most biostatisticians and working with colleagues who do not understand what is needed to really conduct a good study.  I wish I had seen the video while I had been taking biostatistics.  “My grant is due tomorrow.  I just need to know if I can just use three patients per group.”  HAAAAAA!  Seriously?  I know I’m being crass, but this is definitely a “pee-in-the-pants” funny video.  Check it out.


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1K Human Genomes

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) announced the availability of $18 million dollars in funding for third generation of DNA sequencing technologies. The aim of this funding is to spur the development of new technologies to sequence a person’s DNA quickly and cost-effectively ($1,000.00).  I guess that 23andMe work has hit home…  Read the full NIH News item here.

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Stanford Students Map Their Genome

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle discusses the experiences of Stanford students who mapped their own genomes.  The purpose of the class was for students to understand the commercial genetic testing products that were out there, and most shocking to me was that several students had already used the 23andMe service!  Huh.  I must be behind the times or too poor, but at any rate, I think it is an interesting class project, and I sure wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about the SNPs in me!

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Bioinformatics Conferences

A list of upcoming bioinformatics conferences from Conference Alerts.

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