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Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Science

My apologies on the delays in my posts (again).  Seriously.  But in case you missed it, Science presented a simplified poster on the stances of the two presidential candidates.  Click here to see the PDF.  In brief, Basic Science Research policies are listed as follows:

  • Fully fund America Competes Act – Both support
  • Increase NIH budget significantly – McCain: no firm numbers; Obama: double over 10 yrs
  • Expand number of federally approved stem cell lines – McCain: supports stem cell research; Obama – yes
  • Allow research cloning – McCain: No; Obama: Yes

Let’s face it.  Science research funding can probably only get better from here on out (geez, at least one would hope), but I have to say my usually optimistic outlook on life was a bit tainted when I discovered that the man who gave the gene to two of three scientists who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for GFP is driving a courtesy shuttle at a car dealership.  REALLY?!  I’m sure it was a series of unfortunate events, but I’m also sure the serious lack of funding for science research didn’t help either.

Whatever your political leanings are, remember that without science research funding, we lose are ability to leverage our single greatest asset – our minds.  So on November 4th

  1. Vote
  2. Make your voice be heard to support additional science research funding
  3. Vote
  4. Contact your representative and have them support science funding
  5. Vote, vote, vote

I’ll happily get off my soapbox again.


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Apologies and NLP

So having taken a brief hiatus from my blogging responsibilities, I apologize deeply for having been absent.  The work/school/family committments became a bit overwhelming.  However, I’m happily able to report that University Librarian, Paul Courant, is a strong supporter of natural language processing efforts by you researchers.  Yahoo!  He believes that NLP is a firmly founded in the fair use concept of copyright.  It’s so good to know that we aren’t the crazy ones and to confirm that publishers are quite crazy.  You can audibly hear my pleasant sigh of contentment.

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Happy Open Access Day

Today is Open Access Day.  Support the Open Access movement to ensure barrier free access to information.  A great introduction to Open Access that addresses what it is, how it does not impede peer review, and other related information is available at  Happy OA day!

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NCIBI on YouTube

Wow!  NCIBI can be found on YouTube here.  Currently, there are videos on MiMI.  Check it out!

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NIH Roadmap Epigenomics Program

NIH announced funding for the new NIH Roadmap Epigenomic Program. NIH will invest more than $190 million over the next five years with the first grants to total approximately $18 million in 2008.  Epigenomics is the genome wide study of epigenetics (heritable changes in gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence).  You can read the NIH News story here.

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Bioinformatics Conferences

A list of upcoming bioinformatics conferences from Conference Alerts.

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