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NIH Announces Timeline for Enhancing Peer-Review Activity

The NIH announced that it would begin implementation of changes to its peer-review system after a year long review of the overall process.  Its focus will be on the following areas:

  • Continue to Engage the Best Reviewers
  • Improve the Quality and Transparency of Review
  • Ensure Balanced and Fair Reviews across Scientific Fields and Career Stages, and Reduce Administrative Burden
  • Continuous Review of Peer Review

A full description of the review and timeline are available at


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Dr. Zerhouni to Leave

After six years, Dr. Zerhouni is going to step down as the head of the National Institutes of Health in October 2008.  The full announcement is available on the NIH News Releases page and can be read here.  His list of extensive accomplishments as the director is also listed in the news release.

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FDA Regulates Genetically Engineered Animals

On September 18th, the FDA proposed guidelines to regulate the commercial use of genetically engineered animals.  The FDA is defining rDNA in these animals as a drug and therefore is proposing that all food and animal feed from genetically engineered animals undergo FDA review before it can be marketed.  Additional information is available: FDA Consumer Update, Science News, and FDA GE regulations.

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Bioinformatics Workshops

The Bioinformatics Interest Group of librarians is pleased to announce the open registration of the following workshops:

  • Field Guide
  • Powerscripting

Our own Jeff de Wet and Scott Martin will be teaching the courses.  Registration, dates/times and additional information is available here.  All workshops will take place in the Taubman Library Classroom at 2802 Medical Sciences Building 2 off of East Catherine Street.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  We look forward to seeing you!

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McCain Policy for Freezing Research Funds

Apparently, Senator McCain has proposed a 1 year freeze on discretionary funding if he were to be elected president to review federal spending.  While I have to appreciate his efforts to do something about the outrageous, ginormous debt that the current administration as hurled this country into, a one year freeze on research funds seems short-sighted, especially in light of all the recent government bailouts on Wall Street.  Read more in Science here.

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Potential Bill to Block NIH Public Access Policy

Science News posted an article yesterday on the possibility of the introduction of the The Fair Copyright in Research Works Act (HR 6845) which would reverse the NIH Public Access Policy.  Are you kidding me?!  I know that it is a cumbersome process to have to deposit your work, but how can you really tell me that the publisher’s interest are more important than scientific process?  *SOAPBOX WARNING* If you are AT ALL interested in NLP or in the fact that you pay taxes so that this research can be conducted, then I would recommend contacting your representative to oppose this bill.  Shocking.  And the publishers’ arguments on PEER REVIEW?  Please.  Ask any of the PLoS journals if the peer-review process has been destroyed.  I’m appalled.  Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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Pooled DNA Data Does Not Protect Anonymity

David Craig at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix, Arizona has proved that pooled DNA data can be traced to individuals using SNP genotyping microarrays.  Read about his research in PLoS Genetics here. His research has caused the Wellcome Trust, the Broad Institute and NIH to pull data off from their sites. Read more about this issue in the journal, Science.

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